Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoon Tycoon was on our whish list for quite some time already. We just love the art in this game! Thankfully Forbidden Games send us a review copy so we could finally try this board game out. It did not disappoint!

How to Play.

Raccoon Tycoon is set up in not even five minutes. You place the game board on the table and shuffle the price & production cards. Each player gets three price & production cards and the remaining cards are placed near the board. Then you place one of each commodity tokens on the lowest price on the game board and the remaining tokens are placed next to the board as the supply. Every player receives 10$ and the rest of the money will act as a bank next to the board. Always keep your money hidden. After that you create the railroad deck and place it on the board. The town deck is created by placing the cards with the highest victory points on the bottom and the cards with the lowest points on top. the further you go, the more you will have to pay for the towns. The last part of the set up is the building tiles. Randomly draw four basic building tiles and place them on the building locations. Then shuffle the advanced building tiles and place them as a stack next to the building locations. Now your set up is complete.

The goal of the game is to get the most victory points. In each round a player can do one of the following actions: production, sell a commodity, railroad auction, purchase a building and purchase a town. To start production, simply discard a price & production card from your hand. The top half of the card shows what commodity’s will rise in price, the lower half shows you what commodity’s you can get. In the beginning you can choose three commodity’s from the lower half of the card. If you buy an upgrade such as a production building for example, you are able to take more commodity’s. The storage limit for commodity in the beginning is ten commodity’s, this will expand with buying buildings or upgrades. You can also sell the commodity’s you have collected. It is wise to do this when the price for that commodity is as high as possible, that way you will get the most money. When you sell a commodity, the price of that icon drops the same amount as you sell. For example, if you sell two iron for 8$, you will receive 16$ and the new price for iron will be 6$ as shown on the board.

If you want to a specific railroad card from the board. You can start an auction. The card itself shows a minimum bid, but you can decide to start higher. From there every player bids in turn until they pass, you can’t bid more money then what you have. The winner receives the card. If the player who started the auction loses the auction, they can perform another action instead. The more cards you collect from a set, the more victory points you will receive. You can also purchase a building tile. Building tiles gives you upgrades such as more production or more victory points. The cost is always shown on the tile. If you use a building to give you more production, you can only use one building at the same time. Every building tile also gives you one more storage for commodity, apart from the upgrade shown on the building itself. For example, if you buy a warehouse, this gives three extra storage, but with buying a building tile, your storage also expands with one. This mean you will get four extra spaces. The last action you can perform is buying a town. You can do this by spending the same amount of tokens as shown on the town cards. Town cards will also give you more victory points, especially if you combine them with railroad cards.

The game ends when either the last town card is purchased or when the last railroad is auctioned. If you would like to play a longer game, you could play until two of the following are all owned: railroad cards, town cards, building tiles.
To count your victory points, simply add all the points from your railroad cards and town cards together. Each building is also worth one victory point and every town combined with a railroad pair is worth an extra two points.

Playtrough of the game.

We absolutely love Raccoon Tycoon. You have to watch the market closely and decide at the right moment when you want to sell your commodity’s to gain the most money. With that money you could start an auction. For us, the auctions in this game are the most fun. We reached a point where we were both trying to block each other from gaining any money to try and drop the prices, and to start an auction right after that. But because you don’t know exactly how much money your opponent has, you don’t know if you will win. With us this created hilarious situations such as adding 1$ for ten times to place your bid or to start a bid with 60$ right away to show off.

Another great part of this game is the art. All the cards have an amazing design and especially the railroad cards stand out. Trust me when I say if the ‘Fat Cat’ is placed on the table, you will spend all your money for it to add it to your collection. At least, that’s what I did.

Final thougts.

Raccoon Tycoon is a highly competitive game where timing is essential. In this game you can block you opponents greatly if you buy or sell items at the right time. If that doesn’t make you want to play this game, the art of Raccoon Tycoon will. All the cards have an amazing theme and there is really nothing that doesn’t fit in this game. Also the quality of all the cards, components and game board is really high and bring a nice feel to the game. The gameplay and flow of the game is also totally different then most games, and it just works. We definitely recommend to add Raccoon Tycoon to your collection if you get the chance.

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