Trekking the World

Trekking the World

When we saw the art and gameplay of Trekking the world, we knew we wanted this game in our collection. We both love to travel, and with all the lockdowns now in the world, you have to get creative. So when we received this review copy from UnderdogGames, we decided to explore the world on our own terms in these strange times.

How to Play.

To start trekking the world, you first place the world map on the table. Every player chooses a trekker and a suitcase in matching colors and they also get a reference card. Make sure the suitcase is flipped up with the correct player size. Place your trekker on any airport location. Take the amount of souvenir cubes you need for the amount of players, and put them in the bag. Place a cube on each location (not airports). For two players, don’t place cubes on the 3+ and 4+ places, three players don’t place cubes on the 4+ places and four players use all cubes. After this, place all four most souvenir tiles near the board and flip them to the correct player size. Also shuffle all ten region bonus tokens and place six of them randomly on the designated spaces. The destination cards need to be shuffled to, when this is done, place them as a deck near the board and reveal the top four cards in a row. Place the tray with tokens close to the destination cards and place one 5VP token above the most right card and a 3VP token above the second most right card. Choose which journey cards you want to use and place them on the world map. And lastly, shuffle the trek cards and give three cards to each player, then place the trek cards as a deck near the board, also reveal four trek cards in a row.

Trekking the World is an easy game to learn. In short, everything you can do in one turn is also on your reference card. At the start of your turn, if you stand at a airport location, you can fly to any other airport of your choice. You can only do this at the start of your turn. If you don’t fly, you MUST move. To move, simply play trek cards you have collected. Each trek card contains a number and you can combine cards to move where you want to go. You could play two trek cards who both have the number two for example. Then you can move your trekker up to four places. You can travel to any location you can reach with the numbers you play and you don’t have to stop at other locations you cross. However, if another player stands on your route, the path is completely blocked. You can not move trough players, or use airports/ locations if players stand on them.

If there is a cube at the location you finish at, you may take it an place it on your suitcase. If you at any time collect the most souvenirs, or are the first one to reach the star of a color of souvenirs. You can claim the most souvenirs tile of that color. This also means, if another player has the yellow souvenirs tile with three cubes, but you collect four cubes and have now the most yellow souvenirs, you claim the tile from the other player. The souvenirs tiles give you more points at the end of the game. If you collect the last souvenir in a region, you may also take the region bonus token. These tokens will also provide you with bonus points at the end of the game.

After you have moved your trekker, you can choose. You can take two trek cards, take a tour, or go on a journey. If you draw two trek cards, you simply add two new track cards to your hand, either from the revealed cards, or from the top of the deck. If you take a tour, you can claim a destination card. You trekker has to stand on the location of the card you are trying to claim. Each destination card has icons on it. To claim a card, you have to discard trek cards in your hand with the same icons, here you ignore the numbers on the trek cards as they have no use. The destination cards on the right are considered ‘must-see destinations’ and will therefore give you more points if you claim them. Once a card is taken, slide the remaining cards right and take a new card, place new victory tokens if necessary. You can also take a journey and activate one of the cards on the world map. Simply discard two trek cards with the same icon from your hand and then you perform the actions listed on your chosen card from top to bottom. If you can’t do one of the actions on the journey card, you may skip them.

The end of the game is triggered when five of the six region tokens are claimed, or when a player tours their fifth card. For the final scoring you add all the points together from the souvenir tiles, the region bonus tokens, victory point tokens, destination cards and the souvenir sets you’ve collected in your suitcase. One set of souvenirs is one complete row from up to down and the points given for that set stands below the souvenirs. The player with the most victory points is the winner!

Playthrough of the game.

Let met start off by saying that the art of this game is amazing and every component and card has excellent quality. Each card had it’s own amazing art and even some information of the location on the back of the card. We traveled to multiple points in the game where we were curious where we could find it in real life and what the location was about, the info on the back of the card is a really nice extra add. You also have a good designed insert to play with. Every item of the game fits perfect and you can take a small tray of tokens out of the insert to place it near the destination cards. This makes the setup much faster an you need a lot less space for the game as the components don’t just lay around on the table. What we didn’t like was the quality from the game board, especially because everything else was so much on point. The designers for Trekking the World chose a game board that is a little less thick and chose to leave most of the edges unfinished in cardboard. Note that this is just our opinion and this is just a small detail in the game. Once you are playing the game, you don’t even notice it.

In Trekking the World, you can also really block other players. I for example, lost our first game pretty hard, because Tomasz decided to wait just for the right moment to step on the destination that scored the most points. Trust me when I say that he had the most fun with this move. In order to win, this forces other players to rethink their strategies and walk around players, or even travel to a completely different destination. The victory points added to the most right destination cards, also create a lot of fun competition. If a card is placed there that already has 18 points with an additional five victory points above it, every player will go for it.

Final thoughts.

Trekking the World is a beautiful game where you can explore the world and collect souvenirs. It has components and cards with amazing quality and an easy insert for a quick set up. It is a strategic game that is easy to learn. For people who also like to play PARKS because of the art and gameplay, you will enjoy this game a lot. We are definitely happy to add this game to our collection.

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