Seas of Fortune

Seas of Fortune

When Tactic Games reached out to us, saying they had a brand new game that just got out of the factory, we immediately started to do some research. We saw that Seas of Fortune is an economic game where your sell and transport goods with your ship. Since we didn’t have a game like that, we got excited and were happy to accept.

How to Play.

The setup for this game is pretty easy. Take out the game board and choose what color ship you want to play with, also take a cargo hold with the same color. each player will receive five silver marks to start with and the remaining coins can function as the bank. shuffle and place the loading and unloading deck on the game board, then reveal three cards for both decks and also flip the top deck card face up as the future card. On the loading cards, place the tokens as indicated on the cards, these will be the goods you can buy. Place the crew deck beside the board and decide who will go first.

The goal of the game is to be the first to reach 100 silver marks. The player with the most silver marks at the end of the game will win. Each round will start with selecting the crew. Reveal as many crew cards as players, then the player with the tie breaker token can select first. After the crew is selected, you can move your ship and start buying and selling. You have as many movements as your crew card shows. The player with the lowest steps will go first. If you have a red crew card and sail on a red trail, you move from port to port and skip the middle stop. However if you have a purple crew card on a red sail route, you also have to make the middle stop and count it as an extra step. The same goes for purple routes.

If one of the loading cards show that a port is selling, you can sail to that port and decide to buy the goods for the price indicated on the cards. you can only hold the goods that you still have space for in your cargo hold. This means you can carry one of each token. If you see from the unload cards that a city wants to buy your cargo, you can travel to that city to sell it. The unload cards tell you how many times the city is looking to buy that good and how much they will pay for it.

When all players have played their turn, the round ends. The crew cards are discarded along with all the bought loading cards and sold unloading cards that are fully completed. If no loading card has been bought, discard the most right card, slide the other cards to the right and place the future card. Finally, reveal a new future card. The same goes for the unloading cards. The players can also decide to replace a loading or unloading card with the future card multiple times as long as there is mutual agreement. If a city is selling and buying the same product, discard the unloading card and reveal a new future card. Lastly, give the tie breaker to the next player and the next round will start.
When a player has collected 100 silver marks or more, the game round is finished. After that the game ends and the player with the most silver wins.

Playtrough of the game.

We really enjoyed Seas of Fortune and it looks nice on the table. They have made a nice effort with even creating the bottom of the box in the same style of the game. We always like the details. The components are also nice quality and the art of the box brightens up your table.

We like that this is an economic game since we don’t have that many economic games. But the rules are also really well thought of. If you get stuck because the cities only want to buy wood and everything but wood is being sold, you can choose to place as many future cards to replace the revealed cards to avoid just sailing around until the good is revealed that you need. We did found in a situation like this, while every player is waiting to buy the right goods, once the correct goods are revealed, its a race to get to the city first which also makes the game a lot of fun. Selecting the right crew cards is crucial in order to gain advantage over the other player, you can for example on purpose select the card with the lowest amount of steps so you can go first. This can come in handy if you and another player are close to a city that sells goods you really need to buy.

Final thoughts.

Seas of Fortune is a nice easy light game that is pretty to look at. The quality of the components are pretty good and the game is easy to learn. Since we haven’t tried many economic games yet, we liked how the game turned out and how the gameplay works. You can block other players with buying goods before them, or you can take a good look at the future cards and plan out your best sail route.

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