My Little Scythe + Pie in the sky

My Little Scythe + Pie in the sky

We saw my little Scythe a good couple of times already on Instagram and other platforms, and we fell in love with the style and cuteness of this game. When Stonemaier emailed us to say we would receive not only a review copy of my little Scythe but also with the expansion Pie in the Sky, it was like Christmas came early.

How to Play.

For the setup you place the game board and each player chooses a character. Then each player takes their character miniature, a player board, all the tokens in the same color of the character, the action token and the base camp tile. Depending on the amount of players, the base tile is placed on one of the bases on the map. Each player also places their trophy’s on the player board, places their friendship token on level three on the left track, and the pie token on level three on the right track. Then all the quest tiles are shuffled and placed on the board, followed by the power up tiles. The magic spell cards are also shuffled and each player is given one card before the deck is placed on the board. Each player will also randomly receive a personality card. both of these cards must be kept secret. After this, the setup tile is randomly orientated on the castle tile on the board, and at each base camp three tiles are populated with the recourses shown on the setup tile.
If you are playing with the pie in the sky expansion, set up everything as described above, then claim an airship mat for your character. This can be randomly drawn or fitted with your specific character. Take the gadget token for your airship ability (if there is one for your ability) and place your last trophy on the player board. Also claim a seek action card and place it on top of your original seek action. Don’t forget to place the airship miniature on the portal space closest to the last player’s base camp.

On each turn, you choose an action of your player board with your action token. Your can never perform the same action twice, but you can still perform an action in the same section like the section make for example. You can choose to move, seek or make.
If you choose the move action, you move both your miniatures. If you want to carry an apple or gem, you can move one space, otherwise two with each miniature. The apples or gems are in your possession if your miniature is standing on it. You can use portals to move faster. Simple step on a pink tile to move from portal to portal. You cannot use the portal, or step into the castle tile unless you want to make a delivery. To make a delivery you have to move one or both of your miniatures to castle Everfree and deliver precisely four gems or four apples. If one miniature has three apples and the other miniature one, this will still count as a delivery as long as both miniatures will visit the castle in the same turn. If you complete a delivery, you gain a trophy depending on the kind of delivery you made. You can only perform the same delivery once.
If you move your miniature to a tile that is occupied by an opponent, you will resolve a pie fight. If you start the fight, you lose one friendship. Then each player takes the pie fight dials and secretly chooses a number of pies, this number can never be more then the number of pies you have. You can also choose to add a magic spell card with pies to your total number. The player with the highest number of pies wins and will receive a trophy if they didn’t receive that trophy yet. The losing player must relocate to their camp and leave all the resources behind. Whenever you travel back to your camp (after a pie fight or delivery), you gain either a magic spell or two pies. You also remove your action token from your player board so you have access to all the actions in the next turn. If you move your miniature on a quest token, you can resolve it by choosing on of the three actions on the card. The top two can always be resolved later in the game and the bottom action gives you instant small rewards. The top two actions usually give greater rewards such as gaining pies or friendship, but some actions can also make you lose friendship.

You can also choose a seek action. If you choose a seek action, you can find more gems, apples or quest tokens. Simply take the dice shown on your player board and roll. For each die you can choose one space in the designated region, white is tundra, mountains is grey, swamp is blue, forest is green, red rock is red and desert is yellow. You can place an apple or gem on an empty spot in the region of the die, on your own miniature or on a players miniature. If you place an apple or gem on another players miniature, you gain 1 friendship for each token placed. A quest token can only be placed on an empty tile in the region of the dice.
If you don’t want or can’t move or seek, you can make. If you choose to make, you pay specific recourses to gain recourses or gain upgrades. You can for example pay two apples that are occupied by your seekers, to gain two pies.

The goal of the game is to be the first to gain four trophy’s (five with the expansion). You get trophies by making deliveries, making upgrades, gaining friendship and gaining pies, win a pie fight, gaining spells and resolving quests. You can get each trophy only once.
Once a player has four trophy’s, the grand finale begins. Here the remaining players take their last turn to try and gain as many last minute trophy’s as possible. The player with four trophy’s win the game.

If you are playing with the expansion Pie in the Sky, you can use the airship Kai every time you use a seek action. First, perform the seek action as normal, but add the purple die. Then after you have place all the tokens you discovered, you can move the airship. If you threw a six with the purple dice, you can move the airship up to six spaces, otherwise you can move up to the amount of trophy’s you have on your player board.
You always have to move the airship to a space containing a gem or apple (unless you use a certain ability for your airship). Once you reach your destination, you can either claim the token you travelled to, or use your unique ability that is explained on your airship mat. If you claim a token that is under control of your opponent, you lose two friendship.
The airship comes with an extra cargo hold for each player that is shown on the airship mat. Each apple or gem you collect trough the airship, will be stored there. In the Pie in the Sky expansion, you gain one more trophy. This means the game ends when you have collected five trophy’s instead of four.

Playthrough of the game.

Let me start by saying that the rulebook in my little Scythe as well as the expansion is written excellent. This game is meant to be a nice gateway game into medium games that can be played from eight years old. Even though the game has many rules and things you need to be aware of, after reading the rulebook once and looking at the pictures, it is just so well explained that you can start playing right away without to many questions.
Also the quality of the components and game board are really good like we are used to with Stonemaier Games. The designs of the animals are really cute and bring a lot of joy to the table and the game. My little Scythe and Pie in the Sky even both have a paint instruction sheet included, so if you would want to paint the miniatures later, you can follow that color sheet.

The game itself is a lot of fun for younger players and even for adults. You can choose to throw a pie to your opponents and lose some friendship, or you can focus on gaining upgrades and deliver apples and gems to the castle for example. There are many ways to win and to gain trophy’s. The downside of this game is if there is a player who has an advantage in strategic thinking and others not so much, chance is that they will be crushed by their opponent because they will see a strategy in the first few seconds of the game while the other players are still trying to figure things out. That is at least what we experienced which made it less fun for the losing player. But after a some practice rounds, this was also fixable.

Final thoughts.

My little Scythe (with Pie in the Sky expansion or without) is a great light game that involves strategic thinking. The theme of the game is very well thought through and looks nice and colorful on the table. This game is great for introducing kids or non board game players to medium board games while not getting lost in rules. It is also a great addition to your collection if you just want a light game that is not to simple but doesn’t take to long for one round.

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