GPS arrived in a box together with Sequoia and Mountain Goats from Board Game From the moment I saw the mini boxes and the art, I was already sold for those three small games. But when we opened them up, we saw that all three of those games were also completely different with also a different theme. Sequoia and GPS only last ten minutes while Mountain Goats lasts twenty minutes of gameplay. This is what we think of GPS!

How to Play.

For the setup you first need to construct the ‘planet spinner’. To do this, take the earth tiles, start from one and place the tiles in a circle until tile nine. Place the inner circle and place the standard in the core. Then you can slide the rocket in the standard one one side and the cloud on the other side to balance the spinner. Then each player chooses a color and places all of their satellites facedown. Shuffle them and place three random satellites faceup.

On each turn, spin the rocket and each player places one of their satellites on the pointed space. If there is already a satellite of your color there, chose the first available spot to the left or right. Then place on of your satellites face up. Continue these steps until you have placed all of your satellites.

Now you will move your satellites instead of placing them in order to get all of your satellites in ascending order. When you spin the rocket, you move a satellite to the place the rocket points to. If you already have a satellite there, choose the first available spot left or right from your satellite.
The game ends when at the end of a turn, a player has all their satellites in a clockwise ascending order starting at the start line. The player who accomplish this first, wins.

Playthrough of the game.

We really like the style of this game, so simple yet it looks so much fun on the table. Everything fits perfectly together and the spinner is well balanced. It does take some practicing to get it spinning nicely without moving the entire board, but we found, if you hold the board and spin it at the top, it will rotate nicely.

GPS is all about the strategy and fortunately not so much depending on luck with the spinner. In order to get your satellites in an ascending order, you have to plan ahead an think logically. If you place a satellite twelve between your satellites four and six for example, you will have to rearrange everything later and wait for the spinner to point at the right spot.

Final thoughts.

GPS is a great mini strategy game for up to five players. The box is small enough to fit in almost any bag, and one game takes around ten minutes. It’s really easy to learn and set up but it also looks very nice on the table. If you play this with more people, we noticed that this game can get a little chaotic since the satellites are a little bigger then the spaces indicated on the board, and sometimes you may find it hard to see what spot the rocket points to. But it didn’t really trouble us since we simply place the satellites above each other. If you are searching for a light mini space game, we highly recommend GPS!

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