DICE THRONE – Season one Rerolled

For a thousand years the mad king has sat atop his high throne seeking a worthy challenger. Each year, he hosts a tournament of champions with the greatest prize a hero could ever want: The Throne. Welcome to the introduction of DICE THRONE. Are you excited? Because we definitely were when we saw this introduction along with all the champions you get to play with.

How to Play.

It gets even better when you see the size of the rulebook or find out that you can learn the rules within five minutes in a really well explained video on learn.dicethrone.com!
The setup is also very easy and quick. Simply pick what character you want to play and take that box. Note that all characters have a different difficulty that can be found on the hero leaflet. If you are a beginning player, we recommend you take a character with an easier difficulty. Place the player board in front of you along with the dices, hero leaflet, health dial and the combat points dial. Place the tokens on your hero leaflet and shuffle your hero’s deck and your set up is complete.

There are multiple variants to play depending on the amount of players participating in the game. They are all easily explained in the video or in the back of rulebook. Since we have played with two players the most, I will explain how to play a two player game.
The game is played in a series of rounds until one of the champions health is reduced to zero. On your turn, your start with the upkeep phase. Here you resolve any upkeep maintenance gained by cards or special abilities for example. In the first turn, you will likely have nothing to resolve here yet. Then you have an income phase. The first player will skip this phase in the first round. In the income phase you gain one combat point and draw one card from your deck. After that, you have main phase one. here you can place upgrades or play main phase action cards as long as you pay the combat points required. You can also sell unwanted cards for one combat point each.

Then comes the offensive roll phase. Here you roll any number of your dice up to three times to try and make your dice match with an offensive ability or even the ultimate ability on your player board. The offensive ability on your player board shows you what numbers or icons you need on your dice in order to activate the ability and it also tells you what it does. Some players can heal themselves, others can give opponents statuses that will prevent them from performing an offensive roll phase, but all players can inflict some real damage if you know how to use them. You can also have a passive ability which you can use during your offensive roll phase. Passive abilities are always available during your offensive roll phase no matter what you throw with your dices. Lastly you can use cards that could influence yours or your opponents dice roll, or you can use cards to give you or your opponent statuses, like poisonings for example. Once you have played your ability and hopefully inflicted some damage to your opponent, the targeting roll phase starts where you choose your target(this phase will be skipped if there are only two players). After that, your opponent can play his defensive roll phase. Each character has a different defense method on their player board and it will tell you exactly how many dices you may use in a single roll attempt. This could prevent some damage for your character or might cause some damage as a sort of counter attack.

When you have dealt your damage and your opponent has defended himself, there is a second main phase which is identical to the first main phase. You can again place upgrades and play main phase cards for the required combat points. Lastly you have the discard phase. If you have more then six cards remaining in your hand at this point, you have to sell cards for one combat point each until there are six or fewer cards remaining.
If you manage to reduce your opponents health to zero, you win the game.

Playtrough of the game.

In one of our very first playthroughs with the Barbarian and Moon Elf, we were still figuring out how to best play our characters. Every character works different and has different abilities to use. Barbarian has the ability to heal himself and use very annoying cards where you have to skip your income phase. And the Moon Elf has a strong defense attack where she can dodge some of the damage while still being able to perform a small counter attack. We were almost tied with Tomasz having health 8, and I had health 7. If I were to defeat him, it would have to be now since I know he would heal himself on his turn. But what he didn’t know is that I had saved some upgrades to place on my attacks which made them stronger and more importantly, I had a card that made me change two dices of my choice to any side. In the first roll, I had two moons. If I could only roll one more, I would be able to use my card and attack him for 12 damage with my ultimate. So I rolled the three remaining dices again for just one more moon… and I had it, which meant I could use my card for the remaining moons! The fun thing about the ultimate, is that your opponent can’t even roll his defensive roll since the ultimate attack is unstoppable. So given the chance, I slaughtered the Barbarian and claimed the throne for myself.

I’m not going to lie, I think this is my new favorite short game. The theme of this season and characters are awesome, the components are amazing, and the way you play this game and how every character works is so smooth. The best way to describe how this game works is to compare it with Villanous. In Villanous each Villain you play also has a different way of playing. In Dice Throne, each character has different offensive abilities, statuses, cards and a different defensive ability. You have to get to know each character well to know who to choose against your opponent and how to play them. The game has a lot of replayability because of this and each standoff will be different. Another good part about Dice Throne is that if you have Season 1 or Season 2, you can use the characters from both games to battle each other.

Final thoughts.

Dice Throne is a fast paced combat game where your goal is to defeat your opponents and reduce their health to zero. It has amazing quality components with nice fitting art and enough characters to choose from. Each character plays different and has different abilities, which makes sure that there is a lot of replayability. Once you are familiar with the game, you can play Dice Throne up to six players. But even with only two we enjoyed this already a lot. The game is a lot of fun and the gameplay is so smooth. The set up is especially easy since every character has it’s own box and all you have to do is take it out and you are ready to play. But also the rules can be learned in five minutes with a good explained video or a small good written rulebook. I think I have a new personal favorite with Dice Throne.

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