Sanctuary: The Keepers Era

After a long wait, we have finally gotten our hands onto Sanctuary! Since we have played Mysthea and Icaion before, so we already got to discover the universe of this ancient planet from Tabula Games a little bit. We back then already fell in love with the weird creatures we encountered, amazing art and qualityContinue reading “Sanctuary: The Keepers Era”

Small Railroad Empires

After trying out Small Samurai Empires and the prototype of Magna Roma, we couldn’t wait to see what Small Railroad Empires would bring us. Knowing that Small Samurai Empires have these cute small samurai meeples, we hoped to see some mini train meeples. Turned out we were right and pleasantly surprised during the unboxing! WeContinue reading “Small Railroad Empires”

Forests of Pangaia

After scrolling through Instagram a couple of months ago, we came across a picture of beautiful wooden meeples that formed a forest. Since we love meeple games and nature games, we were immediately interested and started to follow the process of Pangaia Games with their first board game. After a long wait any many teasingContinue reading “Forests of Pangaia”