Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

As we love tile building games, we have been wanting to try out Between two Castles by Stonemaier Games for a while now. When we saw all the tiles and possibilities that this game brings, we decided we were going to build the biggest and brightest castle Mad King Ludwig has ever seen! Have weContinue reading “Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig”

Escape the Dark Sector

Once upon a time, when we were browsing the almighty internet, we came across some black and white game with amazing art. After some more investigating, we found that this was a company called Themeborne who has made two black and white games so far. Escape the Dark castle, and their new one, Escape theContinue reading “Escape the Dark Sector”

My Little Scythe + Pie in the sky

We saw my little Scythe a good couple of times already on Instagram and other platforms, and we fell in love with the style and cuteness of this game. When Stonemaier emailed us to say we would receive not only a review copy of my little Scythe but also with the expansion Pie in theContinue reading “My Little Scythe + Pie in the sky”

Imperial settlers: Empires of the North

We had already seen Empires of the North multiple times and it looked like a lot of fun! So when Portal Games told us we would receive it to write a review about this board game, we were really happy. Time to find out what clan we would like the most and who could buildContinue reading “Imperial settlers: Empires of the North”

Mysthea The Fall

After playing Mysthea and Icaion, we were pretty excited to also try out Mysthea The Fall. While Mysthea and Icaion are very competitive games, Mysthea The fall is a highly cooperative game. By combining components and rules from Mysthea and Icaion, this new game is created. If you haven’t played Mysthea and Icaion before, weContinue reading “Mysthea The Fall”

Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!

We had already seen Extraordinary Adventures a couple of times on websites like boardgamegeek, and it looked like a lot of fun! So we were happy to receive a review copy from Forbidden Games. As big fan of pirates, we were ready to create some adventures. How to Play. Extraordinary Adventures is a really easyContinue reading “Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!”