Euthia: Torment of Resurrection

Last year, we have seen some amazing projects developed by first time board game creators. We have noticed that often those first time creators, with the right help, attention and a little luck, can make amazing board games. Also for often being board gamers themselves, they seem to have amazing eye for detail in howContinue reading “Euthia: Torment of Resurrection”

Steampunk Rally

I have a confession to make. I am the one who most often drives us from point A to point B. I also hate to be late and this means I’d rather be early then on time. Because of this, I tend to sometimes drive a little faster then I should… Since Tomasz hates this,Continue reading “Steampunk Rally”

Super Motherload

Remember those mining tycoon games on the PC back in the old days? Where you had to mine and sell minerals to upgrade you equipment and crew? If you loved that, you’re gonna love this. We have found Super Motherload from Roxley Games which look and work similar to those PC games. In this boardContinue reading “Super Motherload”

Roll Camera

Have you ever dreamt to become Hollywood famous? Roll Camera might let’s you fulfill this dream, but you have to work together in order to accomplish your goals. In this game, each player chooses a roll and tries to make the best (or worst) movie possible as a team. as big movie lovers ourselves, weContinue reading “Roll Camera”


While we are patiently waiting for Dinosaur World to arrive to our house, we saw this cute game coming along from Pandasaurus Games. Now, in my opinion, there are two type of people in the world. One type is someone who just looks at the box of a board game (or anything else, think perfume,Continue reading “Brew”

Fire Tower & Rising Flames

Remember when your parents told you not to play with fire? Fire Tower might be the best way to avoid this rule in a responsible way. This game is all about playing with fire in order to survive. The goal of the game is to burn your opponents before they burn you. Sounds kind ofContinue reading “Fire Tower & Rising Flames”

City Builder: Ancient World

We have a lot of competitive games in our collection and a lot of cooperative games, but we don’t have many games that have those two modes in one game. City Builder can be played competitive and cooperative which immediately drew our attention. This game is all about building the best city and scoring points.Continue reading “City Builder: Ancient World”

Wolf Walkers: My Story

Once again our doorbell rang and our postman delivered this cute small card game called Wolf Walkers. It’s a game for two players and this game is inspired by the movie Wolf Walkers and the creators have tried to capture the best moments from the movie into cards. Unfortunately we have not seen the movieContinue reading “Wolf Walkers: My Story”

Mission to Planet Hexx

Ready to go on a space adventure? In Planet Hexx, each space cadet receives a top secret mission file and gets ready to explore space. We always love a good game with a lot of interaction between the players. Planet Hexx is sure one of them. The game comes with a rulebook like normal. However,Continue reading “Mission to Planet Hexx”

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era

After a long wait, we have finally gotten our hands onto Sanctuary! Since we have played Mysthea and Icaion before, so we already got to discover the universe of this ancient planet from Tabula Games a little bit. We back then already fell in love with the weird creatures we encountered, amazing art and qualityContinue reading “Sanctuary: The Keepers Era”

Dale of Merchants 3

Lately we have been adding some pretty heavy titles to our collection, so we felt like it was time for some small cute games to balance it again. Luckily we stumbled apon Dale of Merchants and the cute animal cards immediately drew us in. After reading the very short rulebook and choosing what animals weContinue reading “Dale of Merchants 3”


Like many other people, we have a lot more hobbies other then board games. I myself am pretty creative and also like to paint or create things in my free time. Unfortunately I have not (yet) learned the art of knitting in order to make my own accessories, clothes or even stuffed animals. But asContinue reading “ArchRavels”


Have you ever heard of the fight between Dracula and Bigfoot? Or perhaps Medusa versus mister Jekyll and doctor Hyde? We even witnessed Bruce Lee fighting three raptors. It sounds like a weird mash up movie, but all of this and many more combinations are possible because of Unmatched. With the highly detailed miniatures thatContinue reading “Unmatched”


We are interested in many different kind of board games, we noticed we have been exploring small board games a lot lately. In the very beginning of this hobby, we started out with the heaviest board games. Like Nemesis, Tainted grail, etc. But we noticed after a heavy day of work, it’s nice to haveContinue reading “Fort”

Red Rising

We have seen this game pop up everywhere and as big Stonemaier Games fans, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! We must confess that we both didn’t read the books… But, before you all come for us, we are planning on reading the full series when we get the chance. We knowContinue reading “Red Rising”


After playing several different cooperation storyline exploration games like Tainted Grail and Mansion of Madness for example. We were very excited for Destinies. This game is also a tile placement exploration game, but competitive. We had no idea how this would take form since we have never played anything like this competitive and with anContinue reading “Destinies”

The Ratcatcher

A couple of months back we noticed a game called the Ratcatcher from Platypus Industries. We were immediately excited, not only because the theme was so different and unique, but also because of the gameplay. A tile placement game, exploration and unique art? We had to check it out! The Ratcather is also a soloContinue reading “The Ratcatcher”

Dinner in Paris

Have you ever been on holiday in Paris and just sat down on a pedestrian square in the middle of the city on the terrace in the sun? No? Me neither. But with Dinner in Paris, you get the opportunity to try and create restaurants with the best terraces in order for your guests toContinue reading “Dinner in Paris”

Mandala Stones

So in my spare time, other then playing many, many board games, I also like to paint. The first paintings I created was mandala’s. They are often very colorful and have a few rules to follow which makes them great in learning how to paint. So even seeing the box of Mandala stones made meContinue reading “Mandala Stones”


When we first received Genotype, we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew the game is about mutating genes from plants, but that’s about all we knew. When we unpacked the game, a big gameboard came out with all kinds of different genes and it looked complicated. Surely enough the rulebook was big andContinue reading “Genotype”

Fired Up

After playing Mystic Scrolls we received from Drawlab Entertainment, we couldn’t wait to start playing Fired up from them. The box of the game already has an epic design that puts you in the right mind to play right away. Discovering that there was a good insert in the box that has room for allContinue reading “Fired Up”

Mystic Scrolls

We took a good look at our board game collection today and we noticed that we have a lot of fantasy themed games. We decided we have to start gaining more diverse themed games, starting from tomorrow then of course. Because today was still a cheat day with adding Mystic Scrolls! The dices alone soldContinue reading “Mystic Scrolls”


We always like different kind of games and one of those great examples is the game Canvas which has transparent cards that you play with. After falling in love with that game, we were searching for games with a similar art style, that’s how we came across Dive. The gameplay is totally different, but inContinue reading “Dive”

Clans of Caledonia

We already had many worker placement board games, but of course there is always room for more! Many people have recommended Clans of Caledonia as one of the best board games for two players, so we had to find out for ourselves. The unboxing was already a big part of the fun since the gameContinue reading “Clans of Caledonia”


Many people have recommended board games to us with rules designed by Uwe Rosenberg. I myself am always drawn to board games if the cover box already looks good. The box of Reykholt looks not only very pretty, but also calm and peaceful. I was immediately drawn to it every time I saw this gameContinue reading “Reykholt”


We have always liked heavy board games and a lot of people have recommended Tawantinsuyu for a while now as it being the most heavy board game there is. We were happy to get our hands on it! Until today, Tomasz still cannot pronounce the name correctly and I must admit, it took me someContinue reading “Tawantinsuyu”

Danger Park

With MeepleLand and Unfair already in our collection, it’s clear we love the amusement park theme. That’s why when we found out about Danger Park, we were immediately excited. But in Danger Park, you don’t run an ordinary theme park. The park you bought has ridiculous designed rides, weird improvements and all kinds of danger.Continue reading “Danger Park”

Megacity Oceania

Since we started to collect board games, we have discovered we like many more kinds of board games then we initially thought. We started our board game journey with only heavy cooperative board games, but started buying more and more competitive board games, and also light and medium games. We also discovered, one of theContinue reading “Megacity Oceania”

Fields of Green

Don’t you ever feel like you want to leave everything behind, find a quiet piece of land and just start your own farm? That is what Fields of Green is all about. With all the busy plans and obligations you are compelled to hold onto these days, Fields of Green might be the perfect themedContinue reading “Fields of Green”

Evil Corp

With so many games in our collection, we are always on the lookout for something new, or different. With Evil Corp I think we might have found that again. I must say we were pretty surprised when the box came in, since it’s shaped very different then most board games, which already makes it standContinue reading “Evil Corp”


We often think that one of the most important features about board games, is art. Of course the gameplay has to be good and the game has to be well designed. But if the art is just not to your liking, no matter how good the game is, it will feel different. With Meadow, weContinue reading “Meadow”


With the end of a disastrous year 2020, it was time for a good disaster board game. Outlive is right up that ally as it sets the scene in a world that has ended. In Outlive it’s not because of a virus, but because of the world running out of clean water. As only 30.000Continue reading “Outlive”


One of our first games was Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games. Here you manage your own dungeon and try to lure heroes in order to defeat them with your bosses. So when we heard that Brotherwise Games would come with Overboss, we were thrilled! In Overboss you build your dungeon with the best environment andContinue reading “Overboss”


Charterstone was on our whish list for a long time already, so we were very happy when we got the chance to get it and express our opinion about the game. We heard so many good things about charterstone, but the idea about permanently changing your game with stickers sounded very scary. Of course weContinue reading “Charterstone”

The Last Bottle Of Rum

I have said it before, and I will say it again. We are very competitive. We like each other very much, just not when we are playing a board game against each other. Therefore The Last Bottle Of Rum if perfect for us since you can shoot at each other! No really, you can damageContinue reading “The Last Bottle Of Rum”

Dice Throne Adventures

After receiving Dice Throne Season one a few weeks ago, we got completely sucked in to the game and we absolutely love it. So if you are reading this and are considering to buy any game of Dice Throne, beware of the consequences for your wallet! For we not only bought Season One, but afterContinue reading “Dice Throne Adventures”

Darkest Night

Choices, choices, choices, 29 of them to be exact. That is what Darkest Night gives you. 29 characters to choose from. Man, woman, elf, dwarf, it doesn’t matter. This game has a character for everyone all with their own perks and cards. We were excited to start this game! So after taking to much timeContinue reading “Darkest Night”


Are you one of those people who picks out items based on how it looks like? Because I am one of those people… So when I saw this box and theme of the game, I immediately got excited. By a massive magical disaster a long time ago, the heart of the land and tower ofContinue reading “Archmage”


Who doesn’t know the Sagrada Familia? As an ex Art of Design student, I’ve always wanted to visit this amazing piece of art and admire it from another point then only my pc monitor. With Sagrada I feel like I’ve accomplished getting at least a bit closer to that. Sagrada is a small logic gameContinue reading “Sagrada”


We always like a good party and in Portugal the ‘Caretos’ know exactly how to do this. In some regions in Portugal it’s a longstanding tradition to dress up as a ‘Caretos’ with Carnaval. Once per year, these demon figures are allowed to come out and dance to try and seduce the village girls anonymously.Continue reading “Caretos”


Sequoia arrived in a box together with GPS and Mountain Goats from Board Game From the moment I saw the mini boxes and the art, I was already sold for those three small games. But when we opened them up, we saw that all three of those games were also completely different with alsoContinue reading “Sequoia”

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats arrived in a box together with Sequoia and GPS from Board Game From the moment I saw the mini boxes and the art, I was already sold for those three small games. But when we opened them up, we saw that all three of those games were also completely different with alsoContinue reading “Mountain Goats”


GPS arrived in a box together with Sequoia and Mountain Goats from Board Game From the moment I saw the mini boxes and the art, I was already sold for those three small games. But when we opened them up, we saw that all three of those games were also completely different with alsoContinue reading “GPS”


We had already seen some pictures on Instagram of ants chasing food while headed to a big construction made from components. Our curiosity was triggered. A few weeks later, we received the game ourselves thanks to Happy to add another light game to our collection, we immediately started to unpack the game and readContinue reading “Bites”

Far Away

As we play most games with the two of us and we love Co-op games, we immediately got excited by seeing Far Away. This is a game created for two players that is full Co-op and focused on exploration by tiles. You can imagine we didn’t need more convincing. Before we could start our journey,Continue reading “Far Away”

7 Souls

We have always like the scary horror themes, and 7Souls is full of it in a fun, cartoonish way. In this game, you don’t play as the good guy. You have to try and collect the souls of all investigators stopping you by corrupting them. Oh and did I mention that one of the creaturesContinue reading “7 Souls”

Gorus Maximus

Sometimes, you just want a fast paced small game with a lot of action. Set in the time of the gladiators who have to fight for their life, that is exactly what Gorus Maximus can bring you. With a theme like this and the cards and box covered in blood, we were very curious toContinue reading “Gorus Maximus”


Valhal is set in the times of Vikings and Gods. We came across this game on the almighty internet and loved the theme and idea of the game. In Valhal, you manage your own Viking settlement on the island Fjornheim. In order to please your settlement, you raid other villages for supplies. Your main questContinue reading “VALHAL”

The One Hundred Torii

Imagine if you’re walking in a beautiful Japanese park with lanterns, flowers, even samurai’s and possibly a poet. Now picture that you can build this amazing park yourself. Think this sounds good? We thought so too. This was exactly what the creators of this game wanted you to imagine. Welcome in One Hundred Torii, inspiredContinue reading “The One Hundred Torii”

Small Samurai Empires

Unboxing Small Samurai Empires when we received it, really made our day. We always like well made meeples, and this game has many of them. We found out that you have your own mini samurai army in this game. And they look quite adorable! We were also happy to receive this game from Archona Games,Continue reading “Small Samurai Empires”


Mount Fuji is on our list of one of the things we still would like to see, so when we came across this game Fuji with it’s beautiful cover, we found out Feuerland created this game. Imagine you are visiting the most famous volcano in Japan, and the ground starts to shake… Together you haveContinue reading “Fuji”

Tales of Evil

We had heard of Tales of Evil before from Escape Studios, we heard the game likes to bring real life in play. We were so happy when this box arrived at our home, we immediately started unboxing. We just love the surprise that each sealed box contains, just waiting for us to open it. WhenContinue reading “Tales of Evil”

Bharata 600BC

So 2020 was a year with a lot of sitting at home and discovering new board games for us. We luckily also came across this gem from creators in India. This is their first board game and if you are a fan of history you will like this game a lot, since the designers triedContinue reading “Bharata 600BC”

Village of Legends

A while back we came across Village of Legends. After seeing the art on the cards, we were already excited. This is a fantasy deck building game, and as we did not have many deck building games in our collection, we were happy we got the chance from Lorenzo Lupi to try it out. Yes,Continue reading “Village of Legends”

Underwater Cities

Every time when we asked people what games we are still missing in our collection, they named Underwater Cities. This was supposedly one of the best competitive games from 2018. So naturally, we had to get our hands on it to test it out! Thankfully Delicious Games was kind enough to support us with aContinue reading “Underwater Cities”

Monster Baby Rescue

When we got the chance to review Monster Baby Rescue from Delicious Games, we just couldn’t say no. This game looks so cute and you have your own baby monster. It’s a family game but still interesting enough to keep adults entertained. So we tried to rescue our own baby monster! How to Play. ForContinue reading “Monster Baby Rescue”

Escape the Dark Sector

Once upon a time, when we were browsing the almighty internet, we came across some black and white game with amazing art. After some more investigating, we found that this was a company called Themeborne who has made two black and white games so far. Escape the Dark castle, and their new one, Escape theContinue reading “Escape the Dark Sector”

Seas of Fortune

When Tactic Games reached out to us, saying they had a brand new game that just got out of the factory, we immediately started to do some research. We saw that Seas of Fortune is an economic game where your sell and transport goods with your ship. Since we didn’t have a game like that,Continue reading “Seas of Fortune”

Land of Clans

Since we are working together with Tactic Games now, they gave us Land of Clans to review. Since the game looks like a lot of fun, we gladly accepted! In this game your clans are roaming the Scottish Highlands looking for land to settle in. It was up to us to make sure we wouldContinue reading “Land of Clans”

Trekking the World

When we saw the art and gameplay of Trekking the world, we knew we wanted this game in our collection. We both love to travel, and with all the lockdowns now in the world, you have to get creative. So when we received this review copy from UnderdogGames, we decided to explore the world onContinue reading “Trekking the World”

Small World of Warcraft

As big fans of WOW, we were really excited to see the universe of World of Warcraft and our favorite races back into a board game. Supported with a review copy by Gamer’s Dream, a family business based in Amsterdam, we were able to try this game out! How to Play. Small World of WarcraftContinue reading “Small World of Warcraft”

Mysthea The Fall

After playing Mysthea and Icaion, we were pretty excited to also try out Mysthea The Fall. While Mysthea and Icaion are very competitive games, Mysthea The fall is a highly cooperative game. By combining components and rules from Mysthea and Icaion, this new game is created. If you haven’t played Mysthea and Icaion before, weContinue reading “Mysthea The Fall”

Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoon Tycoon was on our whish list for quite some time already. We just love the art in this game! Thankfully Forbidden Games send us a review copy so we could finally try this board game out. It did not disappoint! How to Play. Raccoon Tycoon is set up in not even five minutes. YouContinue reading “Raccoon Tycoon”

Claim KINGDOMS Royal Edition

One day at a Friday afternoon we were surprised by our door bell. When we saw the mailmen with a pretty big box we were confused at the beginning, because we didn’t remember ordering anything. But when we opened the box and saw the postcard from White Goblin Games saying to have fun trying outContinue reading “Claim KINGDOMS Royal Edition”


After Mysthea, Icaion was next on the list to play and review from Tabula games. With the unboxing of this game, we were happy to see very different figurines and a lot more colors. Icaion is a lot to take in the first playthrough. But because we played Mysthea before this board game, we alreadyContinue reading “Icaion”


From Tabula games we got the complete set of Mysthea, Icaion and Mysthea the Fall to review. Other then that it were heavy games and they had a lot of figurines, we didn’t really knew much about those games. But as soon as we did the unboxing of both board games and started to playContinue reading “Mysthea”

Twisted Fables

We were taken completely by surprise when our door bell rang and the delivery man had this package in his hand. When we opened the package, it was like Christmas came early. We were so happy when this colorful box greeted us! A big thank you to Diemension Games for supporting us with this reviewContinue reading “Twisted Fables”

Arctic Race

From all the three games we could play and review from Tactic Games, this one surprised us the most. Arctic Race turned out to be a really fun and fast light game where you have more freedom then most tile building games. How to Play. This is the first boardgame I’ve played where the setupContinue reading “Arctic Race”

Canal King

We were looking forward to play and review this game from Tactic Games. We love tiles placed board games and don’t have as many competitive games so we were happy to add this to our collection. But it also has a personal touch since we have family in Brugge and we know the history prettyContinue reading “Canal King”


As nature lovers, when we saw this game on online, we just knew we had  to get it. That’s why we were so happy to stumble upon this game just a week later in our local game store. How to Play. PARKS is a beautiful light tabletop game for 1-5 players from Keymaster games, withContinue reading “PARKS”


With the lockdown because of Covid-19, Santorini was one of the small fun getaway games. Since it’s published in 2017, we found out it now comes at a really fun price. So of course we had to add it to our collection. How to Play. Santorini is one of the easiest games to learn thatContinue reading “Santorini”

Spirit Island

Since we heard from so many fellow board gamers that this is THE game of cooperation, we knew we had to buy it and try it out. All I can say is, they were right. Putting together Ikea furniture is child’s play compared to this game. How to Play. I’m going to be honest here,Continue reading “Spirit Island”

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