Kickstarter Previews

Kickstarter Previews




Are you ever tired of someone in your board game group? Or maybe your partner in crime that you normally play games with? Not to worry. In Beast, you can play as a mighty beast of your choice who can even summon disciples which will help you terrorize your friends. Beware though as you will be hunted by them in return. We have come across this awesome gem and all jokes aside, the art is simply outstanding and immediately caught our attention. Put that together with a great theme where one will always play the beast and the others willContinue reading “Beast”

Flower Garden

Out of the all the board games we have played so far, many of them are dark themed, about fighting or about surviving for example. Sure we have come across of a few cute themed game, but nothing like Flower Garden. With anime art inspired by various anime shows on which among Demon Slayer, translated to a cute flower themed game, we were curious to try this prototype out.Note that this is still a prototype, rules or looks of the game may change. Gameplay overview. Normally I describe in high detail how every game is set up and played. However,Continue reading “Flower Garden”


What would you do if one day your young self would wake up from a vision about the end of the world? This is exactly what happens in Threetale to three young heroes. They don’t know precisely what will happen, but they do know they have to prepare the best they can before the future gets here. In this cooperative game you will start in the past and work your way up to the future. Will you maximize your strength, or speed? Maybe you will focus on helping others or try to restore your faith. But as the future nearsContinue reading “Threetale”

Forests of Pangaia

After scrolling through Instagram a couple of months ago, we came across a picture of beautiful wooden meeples that formed a forest. Since we love meeple games and nature games, we were immediately interested and started to follow the process of Pangaia Games with their first board game. After a long wait any many teasing pictures on their Instagram later, we received our own mini forest in a box to preview. We couldn’t wait to play this game and so we cleared our table right away to build our own forest with the help of the forest spirits. Note thatContinue reading “Forests of Pangaia”

Chai: Tea For 2

I’m not going to lie, I don’t like tea. And I’m feeling really bad about it now since Chai tea for 2, is all about the tea! We have even received one of the best smelling teas I have ever smelled from Steeped Games themselves to try out while playing! It was time for me to change my boundaries and try out new things. Other then that, we are excited to learn about the making and creating of tea. So let’s wait no further and join us on this journey. Spoiler alert: the tea was good and since you canContinue reading “Chai: Tea For 2”

Blooming Industry

Each country has it’s own unique cultures and interesting places of interest and scenic spots. One of the most beautiful scenic spots our country the Netherlands has to offer, are the tulip fields. At least once a year we try to visit one of the biggest tulip fields to just enjoy the view and every year we are very much looking forward to it. With the Netherlands being known for one of those scenic spots, we couldn’t overlook this game and it immediately drew our attention since in Blooming Industry you create a big shared tulip field yourself. We couldn’tContinue reading “Blooming Industry”

Magna Roma

With 96 neighborhood tiles, 4 town center tiles, five kind of trackers and many more components like population meeples and province cards for example, the prototype of Magna Roma provided us with a very nice view of the game already. As big fans of Archona Games, we felt honored when they asked us if we wanted to preview the prototype of their new game, so we dove in right away! Magna Roma is all about creating the best city that you can with the tiles you are provided with. You can gain resources at the market, expend your military, orContinue reading “Magna Roma”

Arackhan Wars

So before we got into board games, we were a lot into videogames. One of the games we both have played a lot of hours, is the Witcher. Thankfully you don’t have to be a video gamer to know of the Witcher. But if you are familiar with the game, you might also have heard of Gwent the card game. In the Witcher, you got to collect the best cards in the game and try to compete with the best deck you have build for yourself in order to win the game. In the board game world, we have beenContinue reading “Arackhan Wars”


As history lovers, we love a good story, especially when it’s based on true facts. With Carnegie this is exactly the case. The game was inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in the 19th century. He has build a true legacy for himself by being a smart business man, taking risks and thinking logical. That is also what Carnegie the board game is about. But, while wealth and fame might be in reach, you might find out that the business world can be harsh and unforgiven as well.

Forest of Radgost

So if you know us well, we are always on the hunt for the best hidden gem games or Kickstarter projects. And honestly, I think we have found the best hidden gem out there so far. We found Forest of Radgost. This will be a cooperative storytelling gateway game with Slavic mythologies coming to Kickstarter soon (unless you are reading this later of course…). We received the full prototype of Forest of Radgost to form our opinion and playtest the game. Radgost in the Slavic mythology is the god of hospitality and fertility. In the forest of Radgost, he isContinue reading “Forest of Radgost”

Twisted Fables

We were taken completely by surprise when our door bell rang and the delivery man had this package in his hand. When we opened the package, it was like Christmas came early. We were so happy when this colorful box greeted us! A big thank you to Diemension Games for supporting us with this review copy. Now as I am writing this review, it is important to know that this game is currently still on Kickstarter. This can mean that the rules of the gameplay or components may be different than the final product. How to Play. The setup inContinue reading “Twisted Fables”

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