Monster Baby Rescue

Monster Baby Rescue

When we got the chance to review Monster Baby Rescue from Delicious Games, we just couldn’t say no. This game looks so cute and you have your own baby monster. It’s a family game but still interesting enough to keep adults entertained. So we tried to rescue our own baby monster!

How to Play.

For the setup of this game you first place the gameboard face up in the middle of the table and place the tile row next to it. Then sort the tiles in the monster care deck accordingly to the amount of players. five players play with all tiles, in a four player game, remove all tiles with a five, three player game, remove all tiles with a four, and so on. place six tiles faceup and place the most expensive tiles (with the most hearts) for the setup on top, tiles are only reordered during set up. Then place the remaining tile deck facedown next to the board. Then randomly place the ten goal tiles and four final scoring tiles on the table. Now comes the most fun part. Choose your monster and place him in the first free spot to the left. take your monster parts and place level one on all three parts face up on your player board. Lastly, place the forbidden path marker after the last player.

The player who is the most behind on the map, will go first. On your turn you choose a tile and move your monster the same number forward as the number next to the tile you took. Your monster will travel from location to location and won’t just move four spaces forward, but four locations for example. After you have moved your monster, relocate the forbidden path marker to the new last player if necessary. Then you will perform the tile’s effects, if any. You might level up a body part of your monster, or you play with your monster and collect rungs. You could also collect comfy beds or diamonds for your monster, or visit the witch doctor to keep him healthy. Lastly, you can collect tiles that tells you what your monster wants. If you can supply your monster with his needs, you can collect more hearts to score more points at the end of the game.

Place the comfy bed tiles and play tiles on the indicated spaces on your player board and place the blue and pink tiles near it, they might give you extra points at the end of the game. Also check regularly if you have met any of goals on the blue goal tiles. If you do, you can take that tile and score the points of it at the end of the game. The player who get’s it first will get the points of each blue goal tile. lastly, slide all the tiles down and place a new tile to the row. This means that the most expensive tiles will now be a little cheaper.
Once you have placed the last tile in the row, every player will take their last turn, starting with the player who is most behind on the map again. once every player took their last turn, the scoring will start. You can flip the game board to reveal a scoring help board. All the hearts on your tiles will score you one point, note that some tiles need a diamond attached to it to give the points. You also score points for all the blue goal tiles you have collected, and you score three points for each row you have build on your player board consisting of one play tile and two comfy bed tiles. Multiply the doctor visits you collected by the blue tiles you place next to your player boards and collect that many points. Lastly each player scores points for each of the final scoring tiles as indicated. The winner is the player with the most points.

Playtrough of the game.

We really like this cute family game where you have to take care of your little monster. If you level up your monster you can see it going from dirty and sad to a strong happy creature. It’s also a short and easy game, which even provides an easier game for really small players. The components of this game are good quality and are easy to look at, which is important given that you want your monster to look good.

Although this is a lite game, it has some strategic thinking to it. If you play it smart, you might be able to play to times in a row taking two tiles for example. This is because the last player always goes first. If your opponents monster is way ahead of you, you might be able to take a tile for two steps for free, because it will still not place you ahead of your opponent. But you also have to be aware of the extra goals to score points and to level up your monster because of the ending scoring tiles. It’s important to find the right balance between what tiles you take, but this is also the fun of the game.

Final thoughts.

We like this cute family game a lot and we love to take care of our monster. You can collect comfy beds, take him to the witch doctor, play with him, you can even give him a pedicure if you’re lucky. The art and components in this game are good quality which makes the game nice to look at. Monster Baby Rescue might be an easy to learn light game, you need to find the right balance and think ahead what tiles you want to collect in order to score the most points. Monster Baby rescue surprised us a lot in a good way because adults still have a lot of fun to play this family game. It’s one of our most favorite light games in our collection right now.

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