Prisma Arena

As we start liking competitive board games more and more, we stumbled across Prisma Arena. This isn’t just your simple arena battle game because you can change the looks of your characters with removable stickers. So when Tomasz decided on the robot with a happy face which took him five minutes. I had to try out every hairstyle on each character with accessories of course. It’s good that he is such a patient man. So after the dressing up and styling, we found out that the rulebook explains the rules trough a game, which means you don’t have to read anything and can basically play the game right away. So we followed the ‘training’ of the rulebook to learn the game. If you don’t like to read all the rules, we definitely recommend you just dive in and start playing!

How to Play.

To begin your game, place the game board showing the required number of start zones face up and construct your arena. Place your hero on a start zone and take a set of player tokens. Place your score tracker on zero of the score track and give the first player the advantage token. Randomly deal the required amount of Mo’kon cards to each player. For a two player game this will be two Mo’kon and for three or four players only one. Place the Mo’kon next to your hero on the starting zone and take the same amount of action dials as you have teammates in your squad and place them on ready. Since your heroes still have to level up, you won’t play with prisma powers yet. You may skip the prisma power steps in the set up until at least one of the heroes is level one. then, deal each player three move, blast and strike cards. Each player shuffles the cards to form a deck and place them facedown, then take three cards in your hand. Lastly, each player takes turns in placing one obstacle until the required amount of obstacles is met depending on the players.

On your turn, you may activate one of your teammates that have the status ready on the action dial. To activate a teammate, either Mo’ kon or your hero, turn the action dial to the action you wish to use. If you choose move, you can move your character up to four spaces, one movement of those four may be diagonal. You can’t walk trough other characters and you have to walk around obstacles. You can also choose to blast. If you stand two to four spaces away from an opponent, you can blast them and inflict the damage equal to your teammate’s force. You can’t blast trough obstacles or other characters. Place your color hit tokens on the inflicted opponent to keep track of the damage.

If you move into one of the four spaces around your opponent, you and your opponent will start grappling. While grappling, you can’t move or blast. you can however strike your opponent. To do this, turn your action dial to strike and you will inflict damage equal to your force to the opponent you are grappling with. If you have a combo card that tells you to ignore grappling, you can also use it. You can use combo cards in two ways. You can either simply choose the X or O action on your action dial and play a card that matches the symbol (each card has on of these symbols on top), or you can play a card if the symbol on the card matches with the card or action you have just used. Each action on the action dial has their own symbols under them, like movement has an X for example. This means if you just performed the action strike, you may also play a combo card if it starts with the O symbol. Some combo cards have two symbols, they may start with an X, but have an O symbol under the X symbol, or the other way around. If you have a combo card that matches the second symbol on the card you have just played, you can chain your combo cards. An example of this could be performing a movement, then playing a combo card with an X symbol which would let you strike and move one square after the strike for example. If you use this to your advantage, combo cards can give you many benefits.

If one of your teammates gets more damage then they can place on their card, they temporarily leave the arena and get bounced. If this happens, place the bounced teammate on their action dial. The players that performed the attack and placed their hit tokens on your teammate, get the same amount of points as damage inflicted. Remember that each of your teammates must have been activated once during one round. That means if your teammate wasn’t activated during this round yet, you may bring him back to the arena. If you have the lowest points of all the players participating in the game, you may also take a combo card. Then place you teammates standee on an empty space in the starting zone and choose what action you want to perform. If your teammate has already been activated this round, they will remain bounced until the next round and rest on their action dial.

The first player who reaches twenty points, is the winner of the game. After the game, check if your hero has leveled up on your training log. For each row you complete, you gain one level which unlocks new outfits and abilities like prisma powers. Prisma powers are powerful cards your hero can gain and use during the entire game to give you benefits, such as gaining one more force when you strike. If your hero collects a new prisma power, store it in your hero’s locker. It will always be available for your hero to choose in a match later. More detailed rules about prisma powers can be found in the rulebook.

Playthrough of the game.

While battling Tomasz in the arena, I found out the hard way that bouncing the enemy isn’t necessary a good thing for me. As I had calculated very carefully, I would have 16 points after I would blast Tomasz his Mo’kon out of the arena. But what I didn’t know is by doing so, the ability of his Mo’kon would also be activated allowing him to immediately blast me if possible. Dreadfully I had to watch my hero also getting bounced out of the arena because it was standing to close to him, making him win the game as he reached 22 points. At least we would both still get the experience.

We love the levelling up system in Prisma Arena unlocking more ability’s and uniforms on each level. This makes it so much more then just an arena battle game. The tutorial in the rulebook explains perfectly how the game works and what to do in every situation you come across. Each hero even has it’s own locker where you can store the outfits you are currently not wearing or to store powers you are not using but have earned throughout the game. The only thing that we had more expectations of were the removable stickers that you use to dress up your heroes. The rulebook states you can change your hero for every mood you are currently in, or between battles since the stickers are reusable. This is certainly true, but since I like to change things up a lot when I’m given the choice, I noticed the stickers won’t last as long as I would hope they would. As I changed the hairstyle of my hero a couple of times already, you can see that the edges of the stickers are sometimes curling up already which is making me believe that the longer you keep the stickers on without changing, the better. That being said, the styling options you are given are awesome and fit the characters perfectly. You can turn every hero into a girl or boy and each hero will have something for everyone.

Final Thoughts.

Prisma Arena is a strategic battle game where you can level up your heroes and unlock new outfits and abilities as you gain more levels. The level up system makes this game more unique then a simple battle game an makes you very motivated to play and level up your hero. There are a lot of styling options to choose from for your hero and a lot of different abilities to find throughout the game that will make each battle different. If you don’t just want to play versus each other, you can also play this game in teams. And since the game has it’s own easy tutorial, you barely have to read any rules before you can start the game.

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